Pro 1 Racing & Safety Products specializes in Race Car Seat Belts & Driving Suits.

Seat Belt Re-Certification

Pro 1 Racing & Safety Products offer re-certification ONLY on Pro 1 seat belts.

Please complete the form/or put the information below on a sheet of paper and include it with the seat belts you send in to us. NOTE: ALL COMPONENTS OF THE SEATBELTS MUST BE SHIPPED FOR THE BELTS TO BE ABLE TO BE RE-CERTIFIED!

Shipping Address: 2790 S FM 129 Santo, TX 76472

Recertification consist of removing all webbing from hardware, inspection of hardware, replacing hardware if needed, THIS IS AT THE DISCRETION OF PRO 1 RACING & SAFETY PRODUCTS (additional fees may apply), replace new webbing, new Pro 1 Logos, new warning labels and the new UPDATED SFI tags. 

Cost of Recertification is $90.00 plus shipping back to you if none of the hardware needs to be replaced.

We DO NOT keep Credit Card information on file due to security purposes. Putting your cc information in the box is OPTIONAL. If you want to include a return label for your belts you may do that as well.