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NECKSGEN Head & Neck Restraints are available from Pro 1 Racing & Safety.  We are an authorized dealer and carry a assortment of NECKSGEN products in our Texas warehouse.


    Necksgen REV and REV Small

    The NecksGen REV is the more affordable option for those looking for a great head and neck restraint. Combining the safety of an SFI 38.1 certified device, with the comfort of the small package of the REV, it’s just a matter of choosing which size...

    MSRP: $499.00
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  • Rev 2 Lite

    Necksgen REV2 Lite

    The REV 2 LITE is the ultimate head and neck restraint. Weighing in at only 1.2 lbs. / 550 grams, the REV2 LITE carries the same level of protection and certifications as the NecksGen Original and REV devices. The REV2 LITE has all the same features as...

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  • Rev 2 Lite Carbon

    Necksgen REV2 Carbon

    The REV2 Carbon is new for 2020,and is currently the lightest head and neck restraint available.It tips the scales at less than 1 pound! The simple, small, easy to use design carries over from the popular REV2 Lite, and has the same level of...

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