pro 1 safety 5pt racing harness
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Pro Elite Latch Link HANS Compatible Seat Belts. These belts are used when the driver utilizes a HANS or comparable head restraint device. As these shoulder belts are narrow where they are located on the restraint. It helps prevent the belts from coming off or out of the restraint guide. If you prefer a Latch Link style belt we recommend this belt if arm restraints are used. 

Pro 1 Racing & Safety Products manufacture quality USA built components, specializing in racing seat belts.  We manufacture (assemble and sew) our complete line of seat belts in house at our Fort Worth, TX location.  We are an SFI certified manufacture.

  • Item #: P1-H4-100
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Canada, Mexico

Pro Elite Latch Link HANS Compatible Seat Belts - 5pt Black

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