Jr. Dragster/Go Cart Belts
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When only the best will do look no further then the PRO 1 junior belts. These 2 inch belts feature the pro-elite aluminum adjusters on the shoulders as well as the lap belts, not only do the adjusters look great but dramatically aid in the tightening/loosening of the belts that you and/or the "Lil" racer will appreciate. All Jr, belts feature pull up lap belts..Available as a latch link style buckle or a upgraded Cam lock (as pictured).

  The belts are all black and available with your choice of 8 different color logo options..

Standard (black/red), Orange, Blue, Pink, Green, Floursecent Yellow, Gold and Purple!

  • Item #: P1-JL-300PU
  • Cannot ship to: Australia, Canada, Mexico

Jr. Dragster/Go Cart Belts

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